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To be completely honest, I was totally stoked to have been recently nominated by Bobbi Lee from Heels and Wheels to participate in the Travel Supermarkets Capture the Colour contest – a contest started by fellow travel bloggers. To enter, bloggers must write a post including photos that show off the colours red, blue, yellow, green and white. The winner of each individual colour will receive a 32GB iPad and the overall winner will receive £2,000 towards their travels. Yes, please!
It sounded like a easy enough task, at first. I thought, ‘maybe I’ll keep this simple and showcase the colours of the Far North of New Zealand, my expat home of many adventures for the past 3 years’. I honestly changed my mind – billions of times. I’m pretty sure I drove Thom crazy with “which do you think looks like a better red?”
In the end, I didn’t limit myself to just the Far North, but included my best from all the photos of my travels that I have on my hard drive. And once again, I was reminded of the realisation after the perilous task of selecting my 7 supershotsI really ought to better organise my photos!
Without further adieu, on with the selections!


capture the colour yellow
Beautiful buddhas at Ayutthaya, the ancient capital

My boyfriend Thom and I decided that this year for Christmas, we didn’t want to waste our money buying each other pointless presents – instead we’d treat ourselves to a mid-year winter escape and chance to travel and explore. Last year we went to Rarotonga, and this year we headed off for 10 days in Thailand. Together, we learned many travel lessons the hard way, but had a brilliant trip.
I was completely in awe of the rich culture and history.  As we wandered around Wat Phra Sri Sanphet in Ayutthaya, the Ancient capital of Thailand, I marvelled in the sheer beauty and attention to detail. I love how each buddha is dressed in a saffron robe. As soon as I snapped this photo, I knew it was one of my favourites from the whole trip.


capture the colour red
Kohukohu is open!
After much deliberation, I finally chose this photo from my mystery road trip to Kohukohu; a remote little town that is definitely ‘off the beaten path’ in the Far North, to represent red. Boasting of just one cafe by day/pub by night, a dairy, a post shop, several art galleries and this little second hand Op-Shop. Of the few times I’d been to Koke before, it was often during the weekend, thus this little shop was closed. When I finally took Mel during the school holidays which was a weekday, we got to have a wee nose around inside. Although there wasn’t much to see inside, the lady that was working was so lovely.
To me, this just represents everything that the Far North itself is; slightly behind the times, nothing flash, open  but full of good quality and everything has its story.


capture the colour blue
“My bubbles!” on the Great Barrier Reef
My blue photo comes from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and my first ever time scuba diving. My first Easter abroad internationally was spent with my 2 Canadian university mates, Mel and Bradford, in Cairns. This photo not only reminds me of one of my all-time hilariously favourite movies, Finding Nemo – “My bubbles!!” and it captures the first time that I discovered the beauty of exploring a completely different world. It was that trip, that experience, that I had made up my mind that I would one day get myself PADI certified.
In June 2012, I finally made that dream come true! Another tick for my ever-growing To-Do List of Life! Next step, to save up and up the ante to become a dive master.


capture the colour white
City of Sails skyline
After spending 3 years living in New Zealand, and 2 and half of those up in the Far North, Auckland has certainly become the hub of city excitement for us – a mere 4 hour drive from home. We’ve had many adventures and memories here, lots purchased at a discount on Grab One.
Most recently we did a weekend roadtrip down to Rotorua for the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge – a 6km Mud Run. We took the Friday to make the drive down the line. With various stops along the way, we found ourselves in the envitable city traffic debacle of 3pm Friday arvo rush hour. Ever the optimist, as we crossed the harbour bridge, we were graced with stunning views of the City of Sails skyline. We were leaving the cloudy skies behind us, and headed on to a crystal clear weekend of mud ahead!


capture the colour green
Illuminating Rugby World Cup 2011 at Toll Stadium in Whangarei
As an expat in the Far North, we’re often left to make our own fun,  you know, the likes of pizza ovens nightsand horse riding for instance. In 2011 though, New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup which lent itself to all kinds of excitment watching games on tv, at the pub and even scoring tickets to the first SOLD OUT VENUE game, Canada vs Tonga.
This was such a great game to get to watch live! The atmosphere was definitely pumping, with  everyone in the crowd dressed up to support both teams, which was easy enough to do seeing as both countries colours’ were red. It was such a nice touch of home to support Canada, especially since this was the one and only game they won!  What this photo does not depict is the streaker that captured the attention of the crowd, but it does show off a unique contrast of the green field.

Your Turn!

With only a week to go to the end of the contest and most having already completed their enteries, I’d like to extend an open invitation to anyone else who’d like to enter! Go on, sort through your best travel photos and reminisce of those fantastic memories that capture the colour!
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