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tshirt quilt

Working at camp. Bungy jumping. University. Canada. New Zealand. My Sister's University.  Learning to surf in Australia. Gifts from family and friends. As I remember my dear dad always saying, "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!" I quickly came to the conclusion I had too many t-shirts.15 t-shirts in total. Some of them up [...]

Mystery Road Trip: Destination #3 Revealed

map of northland

Can you locate our destinations on this map? Welcome to the third and final installment of my Mystery Roadtrip Revelations. So far I have divulged the details of the first and second destinations on this day-long roadtrip around the beautiful Far North region of New Zealand. Way back in April, I captured my longest-standing best [...]


As a quick recap, Mel had no idea what we were up to for our adventure together on our Mystery Road Trip. Now you too, get to experience the same agony and anticipation of  'where next' that Mel did, in not only the days leading up to but also as we travelled from venue to [...]

rawene ferry

Reliable wheels Pipi the People Mover, a tank of gas, tunes and good company! Like lots of people, I love me a good roadtrip. A full tank of gas, some snacks, good tunes, (preferably a reliable car), and someone to keep you company - although not necessary. I also quite enjoy surprises. Moreso surprising others [...]

Photo Friday! Week 28: Hellfire Pass

hellfire pass

This section of the Thai-Burma Railway is called the Hellfire Pass, as it was built by hand by many POW during WW2 at Kanchanaburi Thailand. July 2012

Otago Peninsula

Still as glass -  Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, April 2009 While studying and living in Dunedin, the Otago Peninsula was quite a neat little place to explore locally. There is always something new to discover and on this particular day, the harbour was so still, just begging for picture-perfect photos to be taken.

sandboarding te paki stream

Te Paki Stream, Far North NZ July 2009 A must do while in the Far North is sandbogganing down the giant sand dunes at Te Paki stream. If you're headed up to check out Cape Reinga, this is an easy side stop and dare I say more fun than slide down your normal snowy hill. Although, [...]


Step back in time? Each week as I share the details of all the different little places I know and love in this beautiful part of the country, I hope to inspire you to explore and experience something different. Something truly unique, memorable and  Kohukohu is such a picturesque and quaint little town. It is [...]

view of Spirits Bay

Arial view of the Beach and campgrounds at Spirits Bay So you find yourself a the very top of the Land of the Long White Cloud. You've made the hour or so journey from the most northern town - Kaitaia. Of course you go to see the beautiful and significant Cape Reinga. But then what? [...]

My first trip to the "Winterless Far North" I loved that there were palm trees!July 2009 Paihia is the backpackers  tourist mecca for the Northland. Kings Road is peppered with a variety of accomodation, from backpackers to upscale hotels with a variety of everything in between, really - as well as all over the wee town.  [...]