Chill out on the run with the Nova Scotia Jeep Club

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Nova Scotia Jeep Club runs the Crazy French2006 was the last time Dad and I got out on the trails with the boys of the Nova Scotia Jeep Club… That’s seven years ago now! Since we arrived back in Nova Scotia, I’ve been spending my time catching up with family and friends I haven’t seen in YEARS, which has been simply lovely.  Yesterday, Thom and I piled into the Jeep with Mum, Dad and the pugs and set off for an afternoon Jeep Adventure down around Bear River with the Jeep Club. We packed a picnic lunch, pumped some tunes and met up with the rest of the guys on the farm.
Nova Scotia Jeep Club pug on the Crazy FrenchDad’s been a Nova Scotia Jeep Club member for years now, and going out on the trails with these guys is always a good time. The testosterone flows as they’re doing their guy thing; go hard, get stuck, get each other out.
IMG_3680The name of the game is “hurry up and wait”. The guys take turns going up ahead, parking up and then watching/helping the rest of pack through. Then the guy in the front will take on another section before parking up to watch, help and/or take photos. For example, Dad’s Jeep is raised up quite high, so for Thom to be able to reach out and touch the ground tells us something isn’t right.
IMG_3689As Momma and I were bouncing around in the back, Dad who was second in line, managed to find almost every rock to get hung up on. We found ourselves between a rock and a hard place a few times (or between a telephone pole and the guide wire with rocks sprinkled about).”This is great practice to CTFO – Chill the F*&! Out ” I giggled to Mom. My instinct was to gasp and cringe every time we got the underbelly grated on a rock or we got fetched up – but there was really no need for that.

Nova Scotia Jeep Club at the Crazy FrenchWillie and I are sitting back like this, because Dad is in the process of scaling a rather large rock… the jeep actually looked like this:

Nova Scotia Jeep Club crawling over rocks


IMG_3753The Nova Scotia Jeep Club is not for just any four wheel drive truck – it’s a club for Jeeps – vehicles designed and built to be taken off “the beaten track”. Not only are they built tough for trails, but these guys have all the bells and whistles and accessories to go with climbing over boulders and trudging through swamps; spare tires, tools, winches, and even an app that will tell you if your rig is dangerously off balance! They don’t stress because they’re prepared. After all, they’ve come out for the challenge!

Nova Scotia Jeep Club fixes problemsLet a little too much air out of the tires? They’ve got it covered. One of the guys pointed out, it’s not the big noises that are bad, it’s a little ping or a pop  that will do the most damage or cause the most trouble. I still cringed at the grinding noises, but it was also good practice to just relax, and have a little faith and trust, following the lead of the guys who know what they’re doing. So even though we found ourselves high-centred on rocks… or wedged into tight spaces, they’ve got it covered. I asked Dad what the ‘most stuck’ he’d gotten was on all the  runs he’s done, to which he replied “hasn’t been one I couldn’t get out of!”Nova Scotia Jeep Club faces rocksBut it wouldn’t be a true Jeep Crawl without a few Jeeps posin’. Check out these guys!


Nova Scotia Jeep Club pose on the Crazy French trail

Nova Scotia Jeep Club pose on the Crazy French trail

Nova Scotia Jeep Club

Lesson of the day? Relax and CTFO! Heading out on the trail with my family and the Nova Scotia Jeep Club was a fun reminder to have a little faith in the powers that be and the people that know what they’re doing. While the club isn’t a touristy thing accessible to everyone, it was an awesome opportunity to get off the road and see a different part of Nova Scotia, the beautiful province I’m proud to call home.

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  • John September 9, 2013, 9:59 pm

    Thanks for the great article. This is a good challenging trail which I haven’t done for too long.

    • Kate September 11, 2013, 12:16 am

      Thanks for reading, John! Hopefully I can get out with Dad again while we’re home – love ‘jeepin’ :)

  • Larry Haight September 10, 2013, 12:36 am

    Great blog, it was an awesome day. Us little Jeeps at the back of the pack were challenged a bit but in the end we used brains over brawn. Thanks for the coverage and your dad is a good guy to be with on the trails.

    • Kate September 11, 2013, 12:17 am

      Thanks for reading, Larry, it definitely was an awesome day! Nothing wrong with a bit of brains over brawn :) Hopefully we’ll see you out on the trail again while we’re home for the next few months!

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