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#FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by @EpsteinTravels @TravelDesigned @CharlesYap. The theme is revealed every Tues 12pm ET, and I’ve posted a few photos with the hashtag occasionally, but I’ve never been on the ball enough, or had the time to sit down and actually compose a whole post devoted to a thoughtful contribution to any given theme.
Until tonight. As I mindlessly perused Twitter, I thought I just might check to see if the theme had been announced since I had a bit of ‘spare time’. Low and behold, it sure had.I checked out @Frifotosand found this tweet:
 RT @EpsteinTravels: This week’s #FriFotos theme is FALL – not Autumn so be creative. Thx and please spread the word
If the theme was fall as in autumn, I would have been automatically out, as my New Zealand autumns for the past 4 years haven’t been iconic-ally fall.. But since there was a challenge to be creative, I was in.  I limited my choices to those only on my iPhone, and this is what I came up with:
Pinterest inspired art!
August 2012
I took several FALLS while on a horse-trekking adventure
If you look carefully, you can see a hoof-print in my calf.
Ahipara Gumfields, January 2012
Chocolate is my downFALL, anywhere in the world!
Ringing in 2012 in New Zealand
I giggled as Ike took a little fall in the soft sand…
and then I instantly did the exact same thing!
Karikari Beach, September 2012
It takes talent to FALL asleep at a bar…
in Bangkok!
Bangkok, July 2012
Tangaroa is symbol for the God of Fertility,
good to know if you want to FALL pregnant (or not!)
Rarotonga, July 2011
This monster drink is coninsidently also named ‘Tangaroa’
Rarotonga, July 2011
I don’t love heights, but do love the adventure +adrenaline.
I would hate to FALL from here! (please don’t fail, gear!)
Abseiling the Duke’s Nose at Whangaroa Harbour, May 2012
Ok, so it didn’t FALL in the washing machine
(it was left in my pocket…)
Passports and the spin cycle don’t mix
November, 2011
Out with Thom while he was learning to Kite Surf,
I had THIS massive thing FALL on my head.
Ninety Mile Beach, 2011
I’ve FALLEN head over heals for this guy… but SHHHH
Don’t tell anyone ;) He’s impressed, can’t you tell?
March 2012
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