#FriFotos: Take a Peek at these PEAKS

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#FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by @EpsteinTravels @TravelDesigned @CharlesYap. The theme is revealed every Tues 12pm ET. I quite enjoy finding some of my travel photos that fit into the given category. A few weeks ago, I got creative with the FALL theme (and not one picture of leaves).

Last night I came across todays theme of PEAKS, and couldn’t help myself. Memories of Milford Sound and the central north island flooded my mind, and I couldn’t help but throw together a few of my favourites for this week.

En route to New Zealand 4 years ago, I was pretty
excited to have a 2 day layover in Vancouver. January 2009
The Surf break at Tauroa Point is more commonly known as
“Peaks” in the Far North.
“The Favourite” is Shipwreck Bay’s namesake,
and the gateway to Peaks
Silhouette of Mount Manaia from
Urquhart Point in May 2012
November 2012, we climbed Mount Manaia with Thom’s extended family,
including his 81 year old Nana. Stunning views from the top.
Snow-capped Southern Alps
on the way to Christchurch, November 2012
Kayaking Milford Sound on a drizzly day masked the
magnificent peaks but made from wonderful waterfalls
December 2009
No collection of peaks would be complete without
the ever stunning Mitre Peak in Milford Sound
October 2009
 Keen to begin crossing the Tongariro in winter
July 2009
 The day began with cascading sun peeking over the peaks.
Who knew mere hours later, we’d be encounter a snowstorm
and be forced to return early. July 2009
 We made it to the top of a peak!
This was just the “peak” of the iceberg, if you will. With my trip to the South Island with my Grandmother in January and our Great Canadian Roadtrip only 5 months away, you can be sure that there will be mountains of photos to come!
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