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While you’re on the road, you definitely want to get the best deal tomake your money go as far as possible so you can do more and see more, right? I don’t mean ripping people off, trying to get something for nothing as Mel from Mellyboo Project discussed; I mean a good clean deal – a sale! Nothing feels better than scoring a sweet bargain, in my opinion! The team Grab One is always on side when it comes to accomodation, adventure, food and much more while travellin!I frequently peruse the site, just to see what’s on offer around me, in Auckland and even around the country (if I could find a good deal, I could easily be convinced to take a trip to different areas of the country – and I have!)
I have planned several of my NZ road trips around deals that I found on Grab One prior. Last January, two of my university friends from university came to visit me, here in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Before bringing them back up north, we tiki-toured around  to various places in the Bay of Plenty along the way.
Plan it carefully though
I had purchased massages in Tauranga, but didn’t book prior to and learned my lesson the hard way that advanced bookings are usually necessary  – or else you’ll lose your money because you’ve already paid whether you use it or not!
I also bought several rides on the ZORB in Rotorua  – a generally expensive activity. I did it once and justified paying $40 to roll down a hill in a ball because it was on my bucket list.
But since I found tickets for half price, why not go roll down that hill again!?
Rocking up to ZORB Rotorua
Bradford, myself and Mel in the ZORB
Post – ZORB Jump!
We also made a detour to stop off in Hamilton to have dinner at the Monteith’s Ale House, because I’d got a voucher for $40 worth of food (and only paid $20 for it!)
It worked so well the first time…
In October, 2011, Thom and I took a long weekend trip to Rotorua, and  almost everything was paid for before we left!I’d found half price rafting vouchers for the Kaituna, and really wanted to go again!
After that, I kept an eye out every day for what else was on in Rotorua while we would be there – and I came out with:
-2 nights of accommodation on the escapes at Jack and Di’s just outside of town
-a 2-for-1 meal voucher for the Great Kiwi Ale House, and on
-treated myself to a facial and pedicure special!
Thom and I on the Gondola in Rotorua
 Sure we had to pay for petrol and some other meals along the way, and the extra activities we decided to do spur of the moment (such as the Gondola/Luge/Skyswing) but most of the main expenses were paid on my credit card at random times before, and my credit card was paid off as I went before the trip itself.
I found this, along with the discounted prices, to be a huge plus!
Check it out!
So if you’re spending some time on the internet before a trip to New Zealand, Australia, or even Ireland – Check out Grab One to see if there’s something on sale where you’re headed! What have you got to lose?
*FYI I am in no way affiliated with Grab One – merely a frequent customer that recommends the service – by spending way too much money ;)
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  • MapleLeafMel April 19, 2012, 1:07 am

    Sounds similar to Groupon, LivingSocial and WagJag that we have here. Deals are always awesome, although at first I found I was buying things I didn’t necessarily need or want, but was doing it because “it’s such a good deal”.

  • gwen August 1, 2014, 10:17 pm

    Hi Kate, Im a kiwi travelling to Canada and just wondered if you knew of th candaian version of grab one for accommodation. Thanks

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