I’m loving life – and Kiwi ads!

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Sometimes I think I can get so caught up in wanting to do ‘more’, that I forget how far I have already come. Reading travel blogs about people all over the world following their dreams, I’d love to be out exploring and I get distracted from the fact that I DID MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. As I kid, I just wanted to be a teacher (done). While studying at university, I wanted to study abroad (done). I’ve always loved being close to water, so to have a house on the beach is literally another dream come true. Okay, fair enough I don’t OWN it, but it’s been my home for the past year and a half, and that’s all I need.  And although I may complain about working, I am really fortunate when it comes to my job -
1) I get to do something truly rewarding that will in fact (hopefully) make a difference to the future
2) I get to be completely silly and have fun with children – they have the capability to teach me so much too!
3) I have 2 degrees that have helped me to get a job in my field, which allows me work, get a decent paycheck, live comfortably AND save for my next adventure
4) I HAVE a job – lots of Canadians who become teachers struggle for years, fighting for subbing/relieving jobs just to get their foot in the door… whereas I graduated from Teachers College and walked straight into a permanent job… granted I did chuck in the permanent gig for a 1 year contract at a different school… but I was also very very to get that job, as the school did not do interviews for any of the positions, and hired based on my reputation and knowing me.
5) It has to be said…. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Not that teachers get as much holiday as the public assumes because quite frank I spend lots of my “time off” in the classroom preparing, or else at home planning, OR laying awake at night thinking about either a new idea to do with my class, or how I can help a kid who is struggling…  and the hours are not the ‘work 9-3′ that everyone so easily brushes us off as working… but seriously, not every profession gives as much flexibility in being able to go ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and teach, but also offering numerous guaranteed weeks to be able to travel (if you don’t mind paying school holiday prices)

I keep saying there’s so much to love about New Zealand, and every time I look at someone else’s photos as they explore places I’ve already been, or read blogs about people doing the same things that I loved doing, it just reminds me how great this country is, and if I’m going to be doing the working thing, the saving money thing so that one we can doing something different, well at least I might as well be doing it in one of the most beautiful spots in the country, with the most amazing people.

I know that the grass is always greener on the other side, you’ll always want what you don’t have (I get the worst food envy when I go out to eat!) but I am making sure that I appreciate each and every day that I get to live my dreams.  My dad really solidified this for me again the other day, as he comment on facebook about me being in NZ for 3 years…. He said
“It seems that 74 average your first year @ Brock has worked out quite well for you! Two degrees above your old man and living the good life, I could not be any prouder and I miss you more than your mother does!!!”  It’s always a good feeling when your parents express that their happy you’re doing what you’re doing.

In saying all that, I was sharing popular tv ads with a friend who may be coming to visit later in the year. New Zealand just has such a great sense of humour, and they don’t hide it in their advertising either. Tui (a delicious kiwi beer) is known for their frankness and ability to use current affairs in their advertising and no topic is off limits. In fact, when I was doing teachers College in Dunedin, there was ad within sight of the primary school that I was at, that said “Don’t worry, MJ touched me too”…

You can check out more of these hilarious ads for yourself  at here. They sell a book of all the billboards as well, I once stood in a bookstore for ages just reading thru all of them and chuckling.
But you need WATCH, and really  have a good laugh… so these two are my favourite, and oddly enough, they are both related to feminine hygiene products.
Ta-TING-TING!!! This one just makes me GIGGLE… endlessly.

Fact: You do only have one beaver….

And on a more serious matter, Kiwis have HEAPS of public service ads such as this, and lots of them are way more graphic and traumatic, but this one is just done so well to capture the essence of the message and uses the culture really well ( and I find the accent funny, because people in the north ACTUALLY talk like this)

Enjoy all that is New Zealand
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