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Guest Posts

Occasionally I’ve had the pleasure to share my love of travel with other bloggers on their site. Check out the articles I’ve written for others here:

The Mellyboo Project: Couchsurfing – A Host’s Perspective 25/9/12
Waegook Tom: Getting Kinky with Kaimoana in New Zealand 19/10/12
FlashpackerFamily: Life as an Expat in New Zealand 20/2/13


Getting to know others is always fun, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been included in several travel blogging and expat interviews with some pretty cool people. You can read these here:

With Neil from Backpacks and Bunkbeds 22/4/13
With Erin from Blog Expat 9/5/13



On Flashpacker Family: New Zealand Travel Tips from the Experts
On Flashpacker Family: Why Do People Love New Zealand?
On Flashpacker Family: The Best Place in New Zealand

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