Driving the Icefields Parkway

Driving the Icefield’s Parkway

The Monday of the May long weekend began waking up in the back of our Ford Explorer at Williams Lake in Revelstoke. Off to bit of a lazy start, we took our time packing up, and eventually headed towards Golden for lunch. A pit stop was made at Roger’s Pass, the summit of Glacier National [...]

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#FriFotos: We #hike when we travel


The weekly #Frifotos tradition of sharing themed travel photos continues this week, highlighting one of my favourite things to do while traveling: getting amongst nature, on and off the beaten path and exploring. In the past I've shared fall photos (none of which had anything to do with trees) and then a whole post dedicated [...]


In Photos: Lake Louise in the Spring

lake louise in spring

One of the biggest advantages of our Cross-Canada Roadtrip so far, has been the difference in traveling off-peak season has made. Sure there have been other people around, but I think we’ve dodged the massive touristy crowds. We’ve been able to just show up on a whim, without plans or bookings, and pretty much do [...]


Travel Firsts: Thom meets snow

first time in snow

S'normal - My first time The first snowfall was always exciting.  It won bonus points in my books if enough of it appeared overnight, enough to cause school to be cancelled. (Although the school board eventually came up with this terrible rule that they would only stop the buses from running, but school would still [...]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Camping in British Columbia

obstacles faced with car camping in british columbia

When we were searching for a vehicle to road trip cross Canada in, we knew we wanted something that we could sleep in if needed. I hadn’t looked into car camping in British Columbia much before we started and just kind of figured it out as we went along. We had a variety of experiences [...]


The Jerky search in Kelowna


Not many people would make a conscious effort to search out dehydrated meat. Okay, so maybe not many people would do a lot of things that Thom and I do.  I mean, we are driving across Canada and car-camping in our Ford Explorer, after all. Our very first Canadian adventure was to the local supermarket [...]


Beyond the Bridge – The Capilano Hatchery and Regional Park

capilano forest vancouver

Remember the cartoon movie about the rainforest, circa ‘92? 20 years on, and Fern Gully still came to mind every time I stepped foot in the rainforest. I was completely in awe of how remarkably magical it felt to wonder if this was what it was like to be an ant, staring up at these [...]


Last minute decisions: I’m going to TBEX

last minute decisions

No jobs, no plans, no obligations, just Thom and I driving with the bed and kitchen in the back on the TransCanada Highway making our way across the country at our own pace. That had always been the plan - to have no plans. The only deadline in sight was my university friends’ wedding in [...]


The best free fun we’ve found so far: Watching roadside wildlife in Canada

warning sign roadside wildlife in canada

"Get your motor runnin'... Head out on the highway... Looking for adventure... In whatever comes our way!!" Steppenwolf may or may not have been describing our cross-Canada roadtrip when he wrote the Born to Be Wild lyrics, but even if he wasn't they are totally appropriate. Ever since we bought our Ford Explorer in Vancouver [...]