Tofino is easy to love

I heart Tofino

The 5 hour drive from the big city instantly reminded me of living in Ahipara - secluded and remote, but worth it. The drive itself, mountainous and scenic through ranges with no cell phone coverage, was reminiscent of heading towards Milford Sound, except without the intense dramatic landscapes. The surf reputation and surf-minded relaxed community [...]


A Step back in time: A Photo Tour of Fort Langley

Fort Langley

  While staying with a family friend in Surrey, we had the opportunity to gain some local knowledge and step back in history 200 years to the birthplace of British Columbia. It was one of those unplanned, go with the flow opportunities that left a lasting impression on me. Fort Langley was the first permanent European settlement [...]


Why we roll with the punches: Allowing flexibility in our ‘plans’

Exploring beautiful Sidney at 7am on a whim.

Plans guidelines and intentions are great. Having a set itinerary of where we'll be and when is surely useful for friends and family keeping track of us and expecting our visits. But what about the places you don't expect to fall in love with, and want to stay a little bit longer? Or the areas [...]


We’ve got the wheels, now help us decide where to go and what to see?


Or is it? I know how the saying goes. I've been not planned, and I've felt the chaos. On the other hand, I've also been incredibly well planned, only to have one minor detail derail the whole scheme, and then been left to 'wing it'. After a year of training, 3 full years of my [...]


The adventures of buying a used car in Canada


Ah, the freedom of having your own wheels. Nothing beats being able to take off when you please, to wherever your little heart desires. Whether its to the shop when you're out of something, or on a road trip of any length. It wasn't until I'd finished my 5 years at university that I got to [...]


“Pump your arms, the legs will follow” – A running tour of Vancouver


  "Pump your arms the legs will follow"… words that had come with me from bootcamp in New Zealand to running a half marathon in Canada. Although I had been really good about lots of healthy lifestyle changes, going to  bootcamp before the sun came up for 12 weeks, I hadn't been doing proper long [...]


The Quest for Mobile Internet in Canada

Why we need mobile internet in Canada

My first full day waking up in Vancouver I didn't want to give in to jet lag. We went to bed when the rest of the house did around 10pm and I was awake by 7am, but decided to write about climbing Rangitoto Island before getting out of bed. While Thom and I were making breakfast, [...]


Climbing Rangitoto Island: Our last 24 hours in New Zealand

The view from Rangitoto Summit

Even though we'd moved most of our stuff out last Thursday (I think, it's all a bit of a blur now) it was ridiculous the amount of crap that was still left without a home. We had a bit of drama sorting out where the things we were going to sell would go but in [...]


Old Friends, New Me: Pre-trip Jitters about Returning Home

change is the only constant

Some things change consistently and are expected; the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, the seasons change steadily, and I put on fresh new undies daily. We also know change can occur more sporadically, too. It can pop up, unannounced, uninvited and just like that you've just got to deal with [...]