Photo Friday! Week 41: Crater at the Crunchie Bar

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August 2011

This crater was spotted while hiking the Crunchie Bar trail amongst the Gumfields in the Far North, NZ

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  • leigh Skizewski August 9, 2014, 12:28 am

    Hi Kate,
    I was so happy to find your picture of the Crunchie Bar Trail. I am coming with 19 other hikers and I have heard about this trail but I can’t find ANY information on it. How did you find it? If you could point me in any direction of how to find out the details I would be so grateful!

    • Kate August 9, 2014, 2:41 am

      Hi Leigh! I’m surprised to hear you’ve heard of the Crunchie Bar trail! I’m curious now! Not surprised there’s not much info to be found, part of it crosses Maori private land, and you have to ask permission before you hike it. It happens to be my friends family who owns the land, so I’ve never had any troubles.

      Are you coming to Northland to hike? When so you all plan to be here? If you’d like to email me at kate[at]lifeoutsidemycomfortzone[dot]com If gladly chat more to you about this area and good hikes to do!


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