Photo Friday! Week 45: My Ultimate Happy Place

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Occasionally I get a random craving to smell the distinct aroma of cedar.

This place oozes blissful summer memories in my mind; swimming in the lake from time I woke up until it got dark and cold, only emerging from the water resembling that of prune because someone was making me eat lunch or dinner; riding bikes that were significantly too big for me, eagerly awaiting the arrival of friends I only saw at the cottage; or just living life on “cottage time” spending quality time with my family, removed from most technology. We were left to our own ┬ádevices to entertain ourselves on rainy days, with cards and board games often being the favoured choice if swimming wasn’t a possibility.

My family cottage on Lake George, Nova Scotia, and always will be my ultimate happy place.

lake george

Photo credit: Andrew Walker 2008

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