Photo Friday! Week 47: Central Park NYC

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In 2010 I briefly returned home for less than two weeks. On my way back to New Zealand, my flights resembled that of the route the milkman would take, stopping here there and everyone in between my start and finish. I’d all but gotten started on my long journey across the globe, flying from Halifax to New York, and already had a 12 hour layover at JFK airport. As if the time it takes to get between Nova Scotia and New Zealand wasn’t long enough already.

Making the most of that amount of time, I got my bags into storage and jumped on the subway to head into downtown NYC to see Times Square. I found myself wandering, feeling something like an ant. I found myself wound up at Central Park and enjoyed it for all of 5 minutes before fretting about getting myself back to the airport and not missing my flight!

Central Park, New York City January 2011


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