Pipi the People Moving Pulsar: A Photo Essay Tribute to one of my most reliable travelling partners

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This is the story of trusty reliable automobile. In her 21st year of service, Pipi (named due to her petite size and resemblance of the small Maori shellfish) the Pulsar never let the fact that she was just a wee coupe stop her from being a people mover.
It wasn’t necessarily ‘love at first sight’ for us, as I test drove and she jerked as she changed gears.

This is Pipi’s first photo,  parked up outside the Warehouse in Kaitaia. This iconic kiwi shop’s slogan is “Where everyone gets a bargain” and joked I bought my car at the Warehouse.

Pipi spent a large majority of her life with me, parked up just like this, outside Pompallier Catholic School not only 5 days a week, but most weekends too! She was patient and kind… just as long as I remembered to turn the lights off; a lesson I quickly learned.
Pipi really earned her title as “the People Mover” when my parents came to visit for Christmas 2010, and all four of us piled in to tiki tour around the Far North. tee hee!
When it came time to take my parents back to Auckland, we had to send their luggage separately with friends who also happened to be heading ‘down the line’ in their ute!
 But when it was just me, or me and Thom, she always got the job done!
She was also a wee prankster, a bit like me. She once played a game of hide-n-seek. One time, I swore I bought a package of (precious) streaky bacon… but when it came time to unload, it had somehow gonemissing. It slipped under the spare tire cover, and lived there for… a year.
Fully sealed, so it didn’t smell bad, but still.
Pipi was also known for trusty roadtrips as well! Like this trip with Mel and Bradford, where I introduced them to couchsurfing in Tauranga.
Pipi was also host to Mel and I’s recent #MysteryRoadTrip recently – fabulous memories :)
 Thom and I also had countless adventures… our GrabOne weekend to Rotorua, pretty much everytime we went to Auckland or Whangarei was with Pipi.

This was on our way to Whangarei Heads, to do our PADI Open Water course

Life was always full of adventure and freedom with her…
 She was practical and helpful too.
A Japanese import, living in New Zealand, she was plenty patriotic to Canadia…
Pipi and my TomTom (GPS) were a force to be reckoned with! The two of them empowered ME to drive thru AUCKLAND on my own…
Although she wasn’t my very first purchase of a car, she did hold the title of many firsts including
the first vehicle my dad drove on the left side of the road, AND the first time dad had to ask ME
to borrow the car, to go into town ;)
The only real problems I ever encountered with her, were mainly tire related.
But like any pretty girl, she’s allowed to want new shoes.
I drove from home to town one morning, without pulling over to see why the car drove funny…
this happened to be the reason why. Sorry Pip!
I think Pipi was pretty happy in her little home by the sea…
We’ve shared plenty of good memories and beautiful views together
Pipi made me, my friends, my family and a few random hitchhikers very happy!
A write off, she’s definitely munted! :(
Peace Out Pipi the People Moving Pulsar <3

A heartfelt apology that you had to end your life on June 21st 2012 at 6.30pm, skidding into the back of a pickup truck that had slowed down just over the crest of a hill on a wet and miserable night because some lady missed her turn-off to go home to Kohukohu.
A word to the wise, always have insurance!

*Luckily, no one was injured in this accident, and the lady was more than nice about it all. Thanks to all my friends for their kind thoughts and words and all other help in any way at this time. xx*
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  • Mellyboo June 22, 2012, 12:47 am

    She will be missed. Gone but not forgotten. Always in our hearts!


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