I dyed running: Run or Dye at Ski Martock

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For some people, waking up extra early on a Saturday morning to go running doesn’t sound like fun. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been considered somewhat crazy since I took up running in New Zealand.  last year I did a half marathon in a dress as  fund raiser to send girls in Africa to school, and a few months ago I ran the Vancouver Half Marathon just 4 days after landing the country. Last Saturday morning, for me and 7 000 others in Nova Scotia, we battled the traffic to the parking lot and the congestion of the crowds at the start line, all in the name of wearing a white t-shirt for the sole purpose of covering in colourful powdered dye.  The more colourful, the better.  Run or Dye at Ski Martock was a huge success and although the shortest race I’ve ever signed up to, it was definitely the most fun!  (Only to be rivalled by the Tough Guy/Gal Mud Run!)
Run or Dye at Ski MartockClouds of powdered dye puffed up all over the 5k course. Luckily it was obviously non-toxic, because it had a funny way of sneaking onto my taste buds when I was amongst the action. I joined one of my childhood family friends and her friends for the course, making new friends and later discovering that I went to primary school with the guy many moons ago!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockSo white and so clean starting off, our dream team consisted of Emily, Allison, Chris and myself! I was happy to have my parents accompany me to the race, I’ve been working on the farm heaps and haven’t had a chance to spend much time with them since arriving home. It was cool for them to be a part of it with me!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockThose white t-shirts didn’t last long, that’s for sure! We were each given a package of dye in our race packs, which were put to use while we waited at the start line corals. The music was pumping, we drank that dreaded can of red bull that also came in the race pack, so (due to my huge caffeine intolerance) I was bouncing around – if there were walls I would have been bouncing off of them.
Run or Dye at Ski MartockThe atmosphere was brilliant, you couldn’t help but be excited. We couldn’t have asked for a better day weatherwise, not a cloud in the sky and although the air was brisk, I think I preferred that to stifling hot and sticky. We would soon be sweating after all. The crisp was refreshing! And look at the people! Everyone was so into it, and there were soooooooo many people!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockDancing and jumping and rocking out with everyone throwing dye resulted in looking like this before the race even started…  and that was perfectly okay!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockThe guys on the mike amping up the crowd did a fabulous job, and they threw out extra packets of the powdered dye,which inevitably ended up on everyone, even if you didn’t catch the packet. Check out the ground covered in orange and green.
Run or Dye at Ski MartockOnce we were off and away from the crowds it was fantastic to be amongst nature, running/jogging/walking through the shaded woods along the trail. Every kilometre or so, we would come to a Dye Station of a different colour where volunteers/staff had a supply of dye to tag you with. In true nature of the run, I got down on the ground and army rolled through the first station!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockPhoto mid-dye! Love my durable waterproof camera for action shots of events like these!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockAt the pink dye station I did a somersault through the dye. Maybe it was the red bull or maybe it was atmosphere and excitement, but I hadn’t done a somersault in YEARS! So fun!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockAfter a bunch of laughs, jokes, stories and dye stations, we found ourselves at the finish line with a tonne of others. Again the music was pumping, dye was flying and the party continued. We didn’t time our event, and instead focused on the fun, which was mission accomplished.
Run or Dye at Ski MartockA stark contrast to our pre-race photo, we finished colourfully! I sure wish I wore my sunnies…
Run or Dye at Ski MartockEmily and I, post-race faces!
Run or Dye at Ski MartockThanks for an awesome morning Emily, Allison and Chris- you guys were great company and I’m glad I didn’t have to be a Nigel No Mates because that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun! Run or Dye at Ski Martock was brilliant :)

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