Sunday’s Not-So-Secret Super Spots of the Far North: Kohukohu

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Step back in time?

Each week as I share the details of all the different little places I know and love in this beautiful part of the country, I hope to inspire you to explore and experience something different. Something truly unique, memorable and  Kohukohu is such a picturesque and quaint little town. It is worth the visit just to see that a life less complicated does still exist.

It is a bit out of the way and ‘off the beaten track‘ if you will. There is not exactly much “to do” per say, but if you have to cruise up or down the country anyways, and have some extra time, it’s a fun little side trip to explore off of State Highway 1!

The old Waterline Cafe

Stop in for a feed

The bad news is that this lovely cafe has now closed down; the good news is that you can still enjoy the delicious food that made it so popular, at the newly renovated Hokianga Harbour Hotel, just up the street. No longer just your average small town pub, it now has a cute little cafe area off to the side. The lady who was such a brilliant cook, took her menu to the cafe. Same great tastes, new location!

Mouth-watering fresh
Fish and Chips!

 There is not a huge range of options in this small town, but the sign doesn’t lie. I do remember drunkenly having an amazing burger at the Caf-Away last June after our Pirate Pub Crawl Cruise! This is just down the road, you seriously can’t get lost.

Home to some beautiful burgers

Things to do that don’t involve eating
Once you’ve satisfied your tastebuds (because that drive can really take it out of you- it’s far from anywhere!) you’ve also got the option of exploring an Art Gallery or two on the main street. There is also the option to check out ‘the oldest bridge in New Zealand’ so the sign says. I’ve not done this yet.

View of the Hokianga Harbour

On our Mystery Road Trip, Mel and I enjoyed noseying through the Op-Shop. I personally enjoy op-shopping, as I always hope to stumble upon one of those unique finds that everyone always seems to have. Alas, that wasn’t my lucky day, but I did enjoy just browsing. The lady that worked there was so lovely as well.

If you’re looking for something different while you’re in Northland, the west coast has beautiful scenery, winding roads, rolling hills, delicious food and super friendly locals. If you like it so much that you want to stay a bit longer, there is a BBH backpackers, The Treehouse or the more upscale option of The Night Sky Lodge. Check out the Kohukohu webpage for more information on this often overlooked gem of a small town

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