crunchie bar trail

August 2011 This crater was spotted while hiking the Crunchie Bar trail amongst the Gumfields in the Far North, NZ

Capture the Seasons: In Sunsets

#FriFotos Trees ahipara sunset

As I emerge into the vibrant community of Travel Blogging, I've found myself recently participating in lots of various meme style posts lately. After sorting through my copious amounts of disorganised photos to capture the colour of my travels and then sorting through my favourite travel memories to pick my top 3 for the Blogger [...]


My bags packed, ready to move to NZ to study in 2009 You know that old saying, "home is where the heart is"; for me it is so true. Once my heart arrived in New Zealand, it became my home. Sorry Mom and Dad, family and friends...  I fell in love with the fun-loving kiwi [...]

nissan pulsar

This is the story of trusty reliable automobile. In her 21st year of service, Pipi (named due to her petite size and resemblance of the small Maori shellfish) the Pulsar never let the fact that she was just a wee coupe stop her from being a people mover. It wasn't necessarily 'love at first sight' [...]


Before I even left home in 2009 to study in New Zealand, I knew I wanted to stay longer.Truth be told, I didn't know that much about New Zealand and its culture or lifestyle before I rocked up to what I now know as this amazing country. I'd heard that it was common to hire [...]

Photo Friday! Week 14 – Tumble weeds

tumbleweed on beach

90 Mile Beach, January 2010  

helpful kids

I wasn't actually nominated for Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots  but I read and loved RTW Backpackers inspiration and they nominated anyone... So I took that opportunity to find some of my favourite photos. Boy it was hard to choose! I also learned I ought to better organise my hard drive of photos one day soon. [...]

Photo Friday! Week 10 – Ahipara Fire

ahipara fire

 April 2011 It can happen just like that... one minute you're burning rubbish, the next the wind as caught a spark and the whole hill is set ablaze. It's easy to have that "it won't happen to me" attitude; but it does. The smoke was billowing above our flat from 2 kilometers away, and bits [...]

shipwreck bay sunrise

As I took yet another photo of the gorgeous colours illuminating over Tauroa Point tonight, I once again appreciated the timeless beauty that I get to experience regularly from the comfort of my own home. Part of me wishes that I owned our property, but the adventurer in me is happy to just rent a priceless beachfront [...]