Why we need mobile internet in Canada

My first full day waking up in Vancouver I didn't want to give in to jet lag. We went to bed when the rest of the house did around 10pm and I was awake by 7am, but decided to write about climbing Rangitoto Island before getting out of bed. While Thom and I were making breakfast, [...]

Photo Friday! Week 43: Mount Cook Peeking

Mount Cook NZ

Nothing but a mate, a Jucy Campa, the same 3 CDs on repeat and the open roads of the South Island. October 2010, a friend and I took a week to explore the Wild West Coast of NZ, and although we didn't get in to Mount Cook, we spotted it peeking through the clouds while [...]


We're hitting the road, for a massive roadtrip! I am so excited for my upcoming travel plans this spring, and they are not too far off now! I’ve just begun the final term of the school year, after a lovely and much needed 2 week break. I came back from Thailand and literally hit the [...]

Photo Friday! Week 39: Wellington Cable Car

wellington cable car nz

Wellington is such an amazing city; it just emanates positive vibes every time I am there. In fact, I was planning to move there for a while before I got my job up north. There are so many cool things to do and see in Welly, the Cable Car being just one of them. Welllington Cable Car, [...]


  I have had the pleasure and privilege of hosting heaps of people while living in the beautiful far north. Going from the references on my couchsurfing profile, I think I’ve had definitely over 40 different groups of people.... but the number of times I have rocked up to a strangers house to crash, I [...]

sandboarding te paki stream

Te Paki Stream, Far North NZ July 2009 A must do while in the Far North is sandbogganing down the giant sand dunes at Te Paki stream. If you're headed up to check out Cape Reinga, this is an easy side stop and dare I say more fun than slide down your normal snowy hill. Although, [...]

sydney opera house at night

April 2009 I backpacked down the East Coast of Australia solo quite quickly in April 2009, and ended up in Sydney solo. Quickly making friends with another Canadian girl on the bus, we took on the largest city in Australia explored till our hearts were content. I just had my little ol' Olympic waterproof point [...]

Photo Friday! Week 17 – Mount Doom

Mount Doom

July 2009 Mount Ngauruhoe aka Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings. One of the three volcanos of Tongariro National Park. I did a guided tour of the Tongariro Crossing while backpacking solo across the North Island of NZ. An amazing experience, but I must go back and do it again, as we didn't get to [...]

champagne pools

Champagne Pools, Wai-O-Tapu Rotorua, July 2009 This is one of my favourite shots of the champagne pools. I ended up at Wai-O-Tapu twice in the same week during my first visit to Rotorua while backpacking solo through the North Island! The first time, I went on a guided tour with some girls from my hostel, [...]

My first trip to the "Winterless Far North" I loved that there were palm trees!July 2009 Paihia is the backpackers  tourist mecca for the Northland. Kings Road is peppered with a variety of accomodation, from backpackers to upscale hotels with a variety of everything in between, really - as well as all over the wee town.  [...]