far north

Mystery Road Trip: Destination #3 Revealed

map of northland

Can you locate our destinations on this map? Welcome to the third and final installment of my Mystery Roadtrip Revelations. So far I have divulged the details of the first and second destinations on this day-long roadtrip around the beautiful Far North region of New Zealand. Way back in April, I captured my longest-standing best [...]

Capture the Colour of my travels


To be completely honest, I was totally stoked to have been recently nominated by Bobbi Lee from Heels and Wheels to participate in the Travel Supermarket's Capture the Colour contest - a contest started by fellow travel bloggers. To enter, bloggers must write a post including photos that show off the colours red, blue, yellow, green [...]


As a quick recap, Mel had no idea what we were up to for our adventure together on our Mystery Road Trip. Now you too, get to experience the same agony and anticipation of  'where next' that Mel did, in not only the days leading up to but also as we travelled from venue to [...]

rawene ferry

Reliable wheels Pipi the People Mover, a tank of gas, tunes and good company! Like lots of people, I love me a good roadtrip. A full tank of gas, some snacks, good tunes, (preferably a reliable car), and someone to keep you company - although not necessary. I also quite enjoy surprises. Moreso surprising others [...]

car stuck on beach

I'd been to 90 Mile Beach before and knew that it was actually a highway that you could drive on. I should have known better than to try my obviously terrible luck with this cursed car on the beach within hours of arriving in Kaitaia... I'm no more than 5 meters away from the ramp! [...]

nissan pulsar

This is the story of trusty reliable automobile. In her 21st year of service, Pipi (named due to her petite size and resemblance of the small Maori shellfish) the Pulsar never let the fact that she was just a wee coupe stop her from being a people mover. It wasn't necessarily 'love at first sight' [...]


  I have had the pleasure and privilege of hosting heaps of people while living in the beautiful far north. Going from the references on my couchsurfing profile, I think I’ve had definitely over 40 different groups of people.... but the number of times I have rocked up to a strangers house to crash, I [...]


Step back in time? Each week as I share the details of all the different little places I know and love in this beautiful part of the country, I hope to inspire you to explore and experience something different. Something truly unique, memorable and  Kohukohu is such a picturesque and quaint little town. It is [...]


Before I even left home in 2009 to study in New Zealand, I knew I wanted to stay longer.Truth be told, I didn't know that much about New Zealand and its culture or lifestyle before I rocked up to what I now know as this amazing country. I'd heard that it was common to hire [...]

view of Spirits Bay

Arial view of the Beach and campgrounds at Spirits Bay So you find yourself a the very top of the Land of the Long White Cloud. You've made the hour or so journey from the most northern town - Kaitaia. Of course you go to see the beautiful and significant Cape Reinga. But then what? [...]