overlooking rarotonga

My mind is always wandering, wondering “where to next?” and “how can I get there?” I've got to have some travel plans in the pipe line to keep me going. Right now it is currently the spring school holidays; two weeks off to recuperate from the whirlwind 11 week term that took me by storm [...]


Sitting in the airport at about 10am getting ready to head out to Thailand, Thom and I indulged in a breakfast beer once everything was sorted and we were just in the 'waiting' phase. How could the back of this menu not inspire you to travel? Inspiration served up with our breakfast beer at Auckland [...]

Photo Friday! Week 30: Homeward Bound

auckland aerial

After an eventful trip home from Thailand, involving food poisoning, being off-loaded from the plane, going backwards through immigration, seeing the airport doctor, fighting for proof we were on the flight, and sitting at the airport for 6 hours with baited breath to see if there would be room for us on the next flight [...]


"Hindsight is 20/20" For the girl who recently misplaced her glasses and had to purchase new ones in Thailand, oh how true this was! Thom and I, in Raro last year, our first time overseas together. It's been a long while since I'd been on a real 'international trip'; last year Thom and I went [...]