change is the only constant

Some things change consistently and are expected; the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, the seasons change steadily, and I put on fresh new undies daily. We also know change can occur more sporadically, too. It can pop up, unannounced, uninvited and just like that you've just got to deal with [...]

Photo Friday! Week 37: Lobster Kisses

lobster kisses

When my friend Andrew came to visit me in Nova Scotia for Thanksgiving  in 2008, our first stop was Peggy's Cove. I thought I'd be funny and give the pose with a kiss.. This little guy gave me a fright just as the photo was snapped!   Thanksgiving at Peggy's Cove 2008, photo by Andrew Walker [...]


"Hindsight is 20/20" For the girl who recently misplaced her glasses and had to purchase new ones in Thailand, oh how true this was! Thom and I, in Raro last year, our first time overseas together. It's been a long while since I'd been on a real 'international trip'; last year Thom and I went [...]

helpful kids

I wasn't actually nominated for Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots  but I read and loved RTW Backpackers inspiration and they nominated anyone... So I took that opportunity to find some of my favourite photos. Boy it was hard to choose! I also learned I ought to better organise my hard drive of photos one day soon. [...]

talapia entrada

Honduras 2008 Ilearned "Talpia entrada" actually means "whole fish" and you will actually get the WHOLE fish. Go Figure.

Far North Fun: Pizza Ovens

pizza oven

What do we do for fun up here in the Far North? The Far North, being quite rural, where there is not much of a metropolis, you have to make your own fun! Les cooking up pizzas Pizza cooking next to fire  The first day of school this term, one of the girls suggested that [...]