harold life education nz

Harold is the NZ Life Education mascot; I thought it was only appropriate to have a photo with him About 3 weeks ago I had my third and final go at donating blood. This year I've tried 3 different times to give the gift that can save lives, but every time I've managed to pass [...]


We're hitting the road, for a massive roadtrip! I am so excited for my upcoming travel plans this spring, and they are not too far off now! I’ve just begun the final term of the school year, after a lovely and much needed 2 week break. I came back from Thailand and literally hit the [...]

tshirt quilt

Working at camp. Bungy jumping. University. Canada. New Zealand. My Sister's University.  Learning to surf in Australia. Gifts from family and friends. As I remember my dear dad always saying, "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!" I quickly came to the conclusion I had too many t-shirts.15 t-shirts in total. Some of them up [...]

Photo Friday! Week 28: Hellfire Pass

hellfire pass

This section of the Thai-Burma Railway is called the Hellfire Pass, as it was built by hand by many POW during WW2 at Kanchanaburi Thailand. July 2012

I’m loving life – and Kiwi ads!


Sometimes I think I can get so caught up in wanting to do 'more', that I forget how far I have already come. Reading travel blogs about people all over the world following their dreams, I'd love to be out exploring and I get distracted from the fact that I DID MAKE MY DREAMS COME [...]