Oh NZ sun, you are cruel.. Read #21 for the story What is serendipity? Truthfully, I'd heard it, but never really thought about what it meant. Until recently I realised that it could possibly be the best word to summarise my life! In the past 27 years (okay maybe even the past 4 specifically) I've [...]

helpful kids

I wasn't actually nominated for Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots  but I read and loved RTW Backpackers inspiration and they nominated anyone... So I took that opportunity to find some of my favourite photos. Boy it was hard to choose! I also learned I ought to better organise my hard drive of photos one day soon. [...]


Honduras 2008 The Pier in La Ceiba, Honduras. I spent some time just pondering life at the boardwalk

talapia entrada

Honduras 2008 Ilearned "Talpia entrada" actually means "whole fish" and you will actually get the WHOLE fish. Go Figure.

Photo Friday: Week 1 – Perspective


La Esperenza, Honduras May 2008: Volunteering at state funded childcare facility for 2 weeks. I truly appreciate the childhood was so fortunate to have <3