make your own fun


As a quick recap, Mel had no idea what we were up to for our adventure together on our Mystery Road Trip. Now you too, get to experience the same agony and anticipation of  'where next' that Mel did, in not only the days leading up to but also as we travelled from venue to [...]

My first trip to the "Winterless Far North" I loved that there were palm trees!July 2009 Paihia is the backpackers  tourist mecca for the Northland. Kings Road is peppered with a variety of accomodation, from backpackers to upscale hotels with a variety of everything in between, really - as well as all over the wee town.  [...]

lake ngatu

Christmas Eve 2011 at Lake Ngatu, at dusk Truthfully, there are SO many beautiful places you could potentially hit up while in the Northern-most region of New Zealand, rightfully named Northland; it can be a bit overwhelming in selecting where to go and what to do, especially if you’re limited for time. Have no fear, [...]

touch rugby

 September 2010 A game of Touch Rugby on 90 Mile Beach on a picture perfect evening. So much time was spent playing on the beach when I lived across the street from the  beach. What a life.

Getting my Run on, all over New Zealand

sbs 10k

If you thought I meant that I ran from place to place within NZ, sorry if you're disappointed, but you've got to be kidding! I've been getting my run on, but I am the first to admit I am definitely an amateur! Since moving to New Zealand, it is safe to say that I have become [...]

Far North Fun: Pizza Ovens

pizza oven

What do we do for fun up here in the Far North? The Far North, being quite rural, where there is not much of a metropolis, you have to make your own fun! Les cooking up pizzas Pizza cooking next to fire  The first day of school this term, one of the girls suggested that [...]

horseriding on the beach

It's been 2 years this January just gone, that I have lived in the beautiful Far North of Northland, affectionately known as 'the Real Far North' and it also certainly lives up to it's affectionate name, as it is real far! Far from.... everything.  It's a well-kept secret from many (heck, I barely even noticed [...]