Nova Scotia Jeep Club crawling over rocks

2006 was the last time Dad and I got out on the trails with the boys of the Nova Scotia Jeep Club… That’s seven years ago now! Since we arrived back in Nova Scotia, I've been spending my time catching up with family and friends I haven't seen in YEARS, which has been simply lovely. [...]

In Photos: Lake Louise in the Spring

lake louise in spring

One of the biggest advantages of our Cross-Canada Roadtrip so far, has been the difference in traveling off-peak season has made. Sure there have been other people around, but I think we’ve dodged the massive touristy crowds. We’ve been able to just show up on a whim, without plans or bookings, and pretty much do [...]

#FriFotos – These Trees

#FriFotos Trees

I'm a bit of a 'freak of nature' in that I love it. I'd much rather be outside amongst the natural world than any sort of city or urban environment. When I saw the #FriFotos theme was Trees this week, I knew that I wouldn't have to look very far to come up with some [...]

Photo Friday! Week 49: Tongariro Crossing

tongariro crossing

My first time backpacking solo, I opted to do the Tongoriro Crossing. We started off bright and early with the sun shining. By the end of the day we were snowed off the mountain. Tongariro Crossing early in the morning, July 2009  

Photo Friday! Week 47: Central Park NYC

#FriFotos Trees at central park in winter

In 2010 I briefly returned home for less than two weeks. On my way back to New Zealand, my flights resembled that of the route the milkman would take, stopping here there and everyone in between my start and finish. I'd all but gotten started on my long journey across the globe, flying from Halifax [...]

#FriFotos: Take a Peek at these PEAKS

Mitre Peak NZ

#FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by @EpsteinTravels @TravelDesigned @CharlesYap. The theme is revealed every Tues 12pm ET. I quite enjoy finding some of my travel photos that fit into the given category. A few weeks ago, I got creative with the FALL theme (and not one picture of leaves). Last night I came across [...]

Photo Friday! Week 44: Gastown Clock

Gastown Clock, Vancouver BC

Fly the entire length of Canada, coast to coast, then across the whole Pacific, and then a domestic flight from Auckland to Dunedin. Being the east coast girl that I am, I'd never been west of Windsor, Ontario; on my way to New Zealand in 2009, I saw the opportunity to explore just little bit [...]

Photo Friday! Week 43: Mount Cook Peeking

Mount Cook NZ

Nothing but a mate, a Jucy Campa, the same 3 CDs on repeat and the open roads of the South Island. October 2010, a friend and I took a week to explore the Wild West Coast of NZ, and although we didn't get in to Mount Cook, we spotted it peeking through the clouds while [...]

#Frifotos – Fall

crayon art

#FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by @EpsteinTravels @TravelDesigned @CharlesYap. The theme is revealed every Tues 12pm ET, and I've posted a few photos with the hashtag occasionally, but I've never been on the ball enough, or had the time to sit down and actually compose a whole post devoted to a thoughtful contribution to [...]

Capture the Seasons: In Sunsets

#FriFotos Trees ahipara sunset

As I emerge into the vibrant community of Travel Blogging, I've found myself recently participating in lots of various meme style posts lately. After sorting through my copious amounts of disorganised photos to capture the colour of my travels and then sorting through my favourite travel memories to pick my top 3 for the Blogger [...]