Photo Friday! Week 48: Proverbs

peggy’s cove

This week's photo comes from Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. A friend from university came to visit me at Thanksgiving in 2008, and upon picking him up from the airport, iconic Peggy's Cove was our first stop. As we ate a traditional seafood chowder for our nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner, this little plaque caught my eye with a [...]

Photo Friday! Week 46: Cable Bay Morning

#FriFotos Trees at Cable Bay NZ

Located on the east coast of New Zealand, the sun rises over one of the many stunning beaches in Northland. I got this photo of Cable Bay on a run one morning. Cable Bay beach on a sunny morning, Far North, January 2010  

Photo Friday! Week 44: Gastown Clock

Gastown Clock, Vancouver BC

Fly the entire length of Canada, coast to coast, then across the whole Pacific, and then a domestic flight from Auckland to Dunedin. Being the east coast girl that I am, I'd never been west of Windsor, Ontario; on my way to New Zealand in 2009, I saw the opportunity to explore just little bit [...]

Photo Friday! Week 43: Mount Cook Peeking

Mount Cook NZ

Nothing but a mate, a Jucy Campa, the same 3 CDs on repeat and the open roads of the South Island. October 2010, a friend and I took a week to explore the Wild West Coast of NZ, and although we didn't get in to Mount Cook, we spotted it peeking through the clouds while [...]

#FriFotos Trees yarmouth ns street art

  Notice something different? December 2008 If you head south on either of the main highways in Nova Scotia, you'll end up in the little town of Yarmouth (because the both highways quite literally END there). My parents have lived there for the past 7 years, and I joined them for 4 month before New [...]

puheke beach

There is absolutely no shortage of breath-taking beautiful beaches in Northland. This was one of my first tastes of what was to come, living in the Far North when I started my expat life up here in 2010. Puheke Beach on the Karikari Peninsula, Northland NZ February 2010  


It doesn't take much else to put me at peace with the world when I've found myself a stunning sunset to enjoy. Watching the sky change colour and the sun disappear into the horizons is high on my list of favourite things.  After a day of roadtripping en route to Rotorua for the  Tough Guy/Gal Mud Run, [...]

Photo Friday! Week 28: Hellfire Pass

hellfire pass

This section of the Thai-Burma Railway is called the Hellfire Pass, as it was built by hand by many POW during WW2 at Kanchanaburi Thailand. July 2012

sandboarding te paki stream

Te Paki Stream, Far North NZ July 2009 A must do while in the Far North is sandbogganing down the giant sand dunes at Te Paki stream. If you're headed up to check out Cape Reinga, this is an easy side stop and dare I say more fun than slide down your normal snowy hill. Although, [...]

sydney opera house at night

April 2009 I backpacked down the East Coast of Australia solo quite quickly in April 2009, and ended up in Sydney solo. Quickly making friends with another Canadian girl on the bus, we took on the largest city in Australia explored till our hearts were content. I just had my little ol' Olympic waterproof point [...]