overlooking rarotonga

My mind is always wandering, wondering “where to next?” and “how can I get there?” I've got to have some travel plans in the pipe line to keep me going. Right now it is currently the spring school holidays; two weeks off to recuperate from the whirlwind 11 week term that took me by storm [...]

skydive warning nz

What's been the most exhilarating thrill of your life? Beautiful scenery, great company of an old mate while in a foreign country, fear of the unknown and all the 100s of 'worst case potential scenarios' going through your head... ADRENALINE. But there's something you may or may not know; I have a mild discomfort with [...]

wines overlooking queenstown nz

Nothing beats wine o'clock with a view at the  end of a busy day exploring such a beautiful place! We had good friends, a 'crib' overlooking the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu and a roaring fire inside. Wine O'Clock at a crib in Queenstown, 2010