Photo Friday! Week 47: Central Park NYC

#FriFotos Trees at central park in winter

In 2010 I briefly returned home for less than two weeks. On my way back to New Zealand, my flights resembled that of the route the milkman would take, stopping here there and everyone in between my start and finish. I'd all but gotten started on my long journey across the globe, flying from Halifax [...]


Oh NZ sun, you are cruel.. Read #21 for the story What is serendipity? Truthfully, I'd heard it, but never really thought about what it meant. Until recently I realised that it could possibly be the best word to summarise my life! In the past 27 years (okay maybe even the past 4 specifically) I've [...]

#FriFotos Trees yarmouth ns street art

  Notice something different? December 2008 If you head south on either of the main highways in Nova Scotia, you'll end up in the little town of Yarmouth (because the both highways quite literally END there). My parents have lived there for the past 7 years, and I joined them for 4 month before New [...]

crunchie bar trail

August 2011 This crater was spotted while hiking the Crunchie Bar trail amongst the Gumfields in the Far North, NZ


My bags packed, ready to move to NZ to study in 2009 You know that old saying, "home is where the heart is"; for me it is so true. Once my heart arrived in New Zealand, it became my home. Sorry Mom and Dad, family and friends...  I fell in love with the fun-loving kiwi [...]


As a quick recap, Mel had no idea what we were up to for our adventure together on our Mystery Road Trip. Now you too, get to experience the same agony and anticipation of  'where next' that Mel did, in not only the days leading up to but also as we travelled from venue to [...]

mustering sheep

Mustering sheep on a farm in Te Anau still holds the title of one of the most random but truly kiwi adventures I've had whilst in New Zealand. It never could have been planned, but it was one of those serendipitous days that makes for a great story. Some pretty epic photos came from the [...]