Cape Forchu NS

With 7 400 kilometers of coastline, is it surprising  that there are about 160 lighthouses in this seaside province on the east coast of Canada? In fact, an entire highway is aptly named "The Lighthouse Route" and will take from Halifax down the southwest coast to Yarmouth, where you'll find the Cape Forchu Lighthouse. My [...]


I regret traveling around the world; I wish I’d stayed home instead...” said no one ever.    Simon, the Kiwi as bloke from Man Versus World, started his post with that line that could very well have been on a Tui billboard (a popular kiwi ad for beer). He got us all thinking about the [...]

lake george

Occasionally I get a random craving to smell the distinct aroma of cedar. This place oozes blissful summer memories in my mind; swimming in the lake from time I woke up until it got dark and cold, only emerging from the water resembling that of prune because someone was making me eat lunch or dinner; [...]

Photo Friday! Week 29: Praying Monk

praying monk

Potentially my most favourite photo from our recent trip to Thailand. A monk praying at Ayothaya Ancient Temple, July 2012

Photo Friday! Week 28: Hellfire Pass

hellfire pass

This section of the Thai-Burma Railway is called the Hellfire Pass, as it was built by hand by many POW during WW2 at Kanchanaburi Thailand. July 2012