The Many Shades of Beauty in Ahipara: A Photo Essay

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As I took yet another photo of the gorgeous colours illuminating over Tauroa Point tonight, I once again appreciated the timeless beauty that I get to experience regularly from the comfort of my own home. Part of me wishes that I owned our property, but the adventurer in me is happy to just rent a priceless beachfront spot for now.Over the past year and a half, I have accumulated some amazing sunset shots from and around my house. Most are of the same thing – either Tauroa Point (“The Reef”), Whangatauatia (the mountain of Ahipara) or the view of the bay straight across from our deck; and most are taken without any kind of filter, usually on my iPhone to capture the picturesque beauty.

Enjoy the variations of some of my favourite photos!
Sunsets over the water during winter
Tauroa Point in July 2011
Sun rising over Whangatauatia, from Shipwreck Bay
July 2011
Heading over the hill to Shipwreck Bay at sunrise
Another winter sunset 2011
Green waters in the Bay, December 2011
Spring tides and sunset in Ahipara Bay
Low-laying fog early one morning, January 2012
Hints of purple reflected in the bay
Before the sun really started to set
Tauroa and flax fronds at sunset
The sun sets behind the hill in summer
Sky on fire – Decemeber 2010
Sunset up 90 Mile, February 2012
Out going tide on a calm night at sunset
March 2012
A mirror of pastel
The Toitoi’s are starting to come back again around
Shippies and Ahipara
Toitoi’s and  Tauroa point
Autumn sunset creeping around The Reef
Pastel serenity

More to come, as I continuously take pictures when I catch a purdy one ;)

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