The Not-So-Secret Super Spots of the Far North: Lake Ngatu

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Christmas Eve 2011 at Lake Ngatu, at dusk
Truthfully, there are SO many beautiful places you could potentially hit up while in the Northern-most region of New Zealand, rightfully named Northland; it can be a bit overwhelming in selecting where to go and what to do, especially if you’re limited for time. Have no fear, I can give you a brief synopsis of some places worthy for consideration, in my opinion.
The usual

Kaitaia, the main township of the far north,  is described as “close to the action” by Lonely Planet, and for good reason – there is not much to it! But there are heaps of amazing opportunities in close proximity to it. Lake Ngatu is one of the few freshwater lakes in the area, and is therefore quite popular for boating sports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, knee-boarding, or good old fashioned get towed around on a surf board.
Getting back up on the skis
Christmas 2011
It’d been a while!
Do your body some good!
Just off State Highway 1 heading north
to the Cape, it’s so easily accessable!
Don’t have access to a boat? That’s okay, Lake Ngatu still has something different to offer you! Perhaps you’re something of a runner or walker, and looking for a good spot to get out while on the road. The circumference of the lake is 4 kilometres, and has a gorgeous walking track that is great to run or walk along.

Even if you’re not into fitness, it’s still easy enough to just get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as it is quite diverse in the short distance around.
My first time running round the lake;
Only a couple hundred metres into it
and I just loved these tress!
A crisp, clear St. Paddy’s day morning.
No wind today; peaceful lake
Real New Zealand
Looking for a unique truly kiwi experience? I believe that several Waka Ama teams practice their traditional rowing on the lake. Since I’m in no way affliated with a team or anyone involved, I have no clue about their schedule. I just know I’ve seen them practicing while I’ve been at the lake with mates myself. But try your luck, as they might be out and about while you’re there!
What ’bout the average joe?Even if you’re just looking for a quiet spot to have an afternoon or barbeque, a refreshing dip or just a place to relax and stretch your legs en route north to Cape Reinga (let’s face it, you could have potentially already have done A LOT of driving, depending on where you started. I mean they don’t call it the Real Far North for nothin’! It’s always nice to break up the trip).

Facing west, you can catch some amazing sunsets!
In my opinion, Lake Ngatu is something of beauty, and  has somethingto offer everyone, all the time!
Have you checked it out?
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