Skydiving: The Ultimate Jump (including the video!)

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What’s been the most exhilarating thrill of your life?
Beautiful scenery, great company of an old mate while in a foreign country, fear of the unknown and all the 100s of ‘worst case potential scenarios’ going through your head… ADRENALINE.
But there’s something you may or may not know; I have a mild discomfort with heights. I feel uncomfortable high up. But this hasn’t stopped me from doing 2 levels of ropes course certifications, bungy jumping 43 metres off a bridge, being slung from a giant 50 metre sky swing OR… SKYDIVING – the ultimate jump! Granted, we only did the 12 000 ft dive, as opposed to the 15 000 ft dive in Queenstown, New Zealand, with NZone Queenstown. I saw ‘only’, as if that extra 3 000 feet really makes much difference. Really?
Regardless, it was amazing. Exhilarating. Satisfying.
The anticipation leading up to said dive was killer. I remember we waited for AGES watching the tiny planes take off, and the miniscule dots drop to the ground in a paddock.I really just wanted to do it, rather than watch others!
People just falling from thin air
Effective warnings
The scenery
The remarkable Remarkables
Once it was FINALLY our turn, it was so worth the wait. This was definitely something that has always been on my unpublished unofficial bucket list forever. And it was just so satisfying to have done it!

Here’s the video evidence… sadly it does not include my hilarious landing, as I was shorter than my guide guy, I looked a bit like a kangaroo in a pouch or something that just bopped along with my knees tucked up as we plummeted to the paddock, compared to my mate who was taller than her jumper, so she had to land in a sitting position and bum along the ground.

I went out of the plane first, but in this video, I’m the second one. And the completely shell-shocked look on my face when I realised what has just happened, completely cracks me up.

This isĀ  one of my all-time favourite experiences, and it’s definitely a fear-conquering one!

We survived! Jenn and I, October 1st 2010

I think Skydiving is the Ultimate Jump! Have you sky-dived? (Dove?) What are your all-time favourite experiences?

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  • Mellyboo March 21, 2012, 9:26 am

    I have! I have! :) It was amazing!!! :) But then again, you already knew that ;)

  • Lauren Metzler October 2, 2012, 1:16 pm

    I really want to go skydiving! Its next on the bucket list! haha! :)


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