Top casinos to visit when travelling New Zealand

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IMG_5066While you may not immediately think of New Zealand as one of the top places for casino gaming, the country has more than its fair share of excellent casinos that anyone with the slightest interest in table or slot machine games will want to sample. While Aotearoa is renowned for its great landscapes and outdoors, it also has lots of great nightlife and entertainment to offer. Of course you cannot visit every one of the great casinos in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but whichever part of the country you are paying a visit to, you are likely to find at least one fine establishment to satisfy your gambling.

If you are hitting the big cities, such as Auckland or Christchurch, you will discover lots of casinos there. In Auckland, the hotspot to visit is unquestionably the SkyCity. It is one of the largest casinos in New Zealand, with a wider choice of games than you will find anywhere else spread over 700 tables– making it the jackpot for serious gamblers. Furthermore if you are looking to relax and have some fun, the hotel has bars, restaurants and other forms of entertainment to keep everyone happy.

On the other island, if it’s Christchurch you are travelling to, there you will find a great rival casino to the SkyCity. The Christchurch Casino, which overlooks Hagley Park, provides one of the most scenic settings of any big city casino. It is not quite the size of the SkyCity, but with over 700 slot machines and high roller dining and hotel facilities it is unlikely that you will be disappointed. It also was the first casino to open in New Zealand, so it has great historical roots too. But if you want to get the thrill of the Kiwi’s without hitting the casino floor, play the likes of blackjack and roulette at

***This Guest Post was written by Stephen Jones***

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